The first step is to get together the information you would like to display on your wrap.  Once we have that we go over the colors you want to use and what the main message of your wrap is.  Sometimes we look over other wraps to get an idea of what the style is you are going for.  To come up with a good design usually takes 1 to 3 days.

Next is production.  All of our wraps are printed in High Resolution on 3M wrapping vinyl.   Our colors come out beautiful and the clarity is spectacular.   After the wrap is done printing it is then laminated with a protective clear coat.  The lamination has the option for gloss or matte finishes.  We only use 3M wrapping vinyl & lamination for 3 reasons.  It is easiest to install, it lasts the longest and it comes off a lot easier.  A 3M wrap can be uninstalled in about 4 hours.  A wrap installed with other materials can take days.

The final step is the installation.  This is when we will need to have the vehicle for a few days.  The vehicle should be brought to us clean.  No waxing necessary just a regular wash.  On most wraps we remove parts like: door handles, lights, mirrors, antennas and emblems.  This way we can get the wrap to look as much like a paint job as possible.  Next we thoroughly clean the cars exterior with Alcohol removing all wax and debris from the paint.  Once the car is spotless we can install the wrap.  After the wrap is installed the last step is reassembling the car.


boat & buggy wraps


Vehicle Wraps - Vinyl Graphics

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Wrapping Vinyl:  3M IJ180CV3

Lamination:   3M 8518 Gloss

                       3M 8519 Luster (closer to gloss then matte)

                       3M 8520 Matte

Lifetime: 4 to 6 years

Warranty: We warranty our wraps for 3 years.  They should last longer when cared for properly however after 4 years the colors can begin to fade.

Do's:     1.  Do keep your wrap clean (wash by hand)

              2. Do wax it a few times a year

Dont's:  1. Do not let your boat set in the sun while dirty for over 2        weeks.

              2. Do not use buffing wheels or orbitals on your wrap.

Note: A well maintained boat wrap will last for 3 to 4 years.  A wrap not maintained well will last for about a year or two.

Boat & Buggy Graphics

Most of the wraps we do are designed, printed and installed under one roof.  We use only 3MIJ180CV3 Wrapping Vinyl for our Printed Vehicle Wraps.  Although we are a full service wrap shop we also install many wraps for other graphics shops due to the quality of our installations.  We can also print designs already created if you have a design already.   

The Wrap Process