Wrapping Vinyl:  Oracal 751 & 951 Cast Plotter Vinyl

                             3M Scotchcal Cast Plotter Vinyl

                             Avery 900 or 700 Cast Plotter Vinyls

                             3M 1080 Wrapping Vinyl

Lifetime: 4 to 6 years

Warranty: We warranty our vinyl graphics for 3 years.  They should last longer when cared for properly however after 4 years the colors can begin to fade.

Do's:     1.  Do keep your graphics clean (wash by hand)

Dont's:  1. Do not take your graphics through a carwash

              2. Do not use buffing wheels or orbital on your graphics

Note:   Rotating how you park your car will make sure one side isn't being repeatedly subject to harsher sunlight. 


The Die-Cut Process

We make our Die-Cut Vinyl Graphics on vinyl plotters.  We only use Cast Vinyl materials to ensure long life and quality installation.  From one vehicle to an entire fleet we can install your graphics in a consistent professional manner.

Just like on all of our artwork we start with computer mock ups to display what the graphics will look like installed.  With plotter cut die-cut graphics we have about 100 colors to choose from in high performance materials.  With die cut vinyl we can create cool drop shadows and outlines that help text jump out and pop.

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