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Second is Production.  We use only 3M wrapping vinyl.  It looks the best and it is the easiest to take off after years of use.  The wrap is printed in high resolution then laminated with either a gloss or matte clear-coat lamination.  Installation is the third ingredient to a quality vehicle wrap.  We have installed hundreds of wraps and have the experience to know how to tackle each wrap project right.  

Wraps are easy to maintain.  A hand wash a few times a month will make your wrap last longer and look better.  

Printed Pole Banners (2' x 8')

Dodge Charger Stripes & Fender Sashes

Vehicle Wraps

charger stripes

Some of the services we enjoy doing the most are Storefront Graphics. From window wraps and banners to interior graphics and wall wraps we do it all.

Perforated Window Vinyl or "Window Mesh" makes window graphics more eye catching than ever.  Window Mesh is a vinyl that has 30% to 50% of the vinyl punched out which lets you see out through the holes like you are looking through a screen.  The backing of the vinyl is black and does not show an image. On the outside we can print anything you want to display.  

We also offer the same types of vinyl application we do on vehicle to your storefront windows, counters, desks, walls or whatever you want to get creative with at your place of business.

Banners  • Signs  • Business Cards  • Logos  •  Custom Designs  • Large Format Printing & more...

shelby cobra gt350 stripes

Printed Wall Border (1' x 150')

wall wrap

Printed Window Mesh

Window Mesh Vinyl

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Chevy Silverado 4x4 Graphics

At ProGraphix one of our specialties is vinyl striping.  We have designed hundreds of custom vinyl stripe kits to personalize your vehicle.  Rally Stripes, Rocker Panel Graphics, Fender Sashes, Logos and custom one of a kind vinyl graphics.  The best racing stripes in San Diego come from our shop.  We use only cast vinyl made by either 3M, Avery or Oracal.  Our attention paid to detail during the installation is second to none.  We also sell some of our stripe kits online at


pt cruiser wrap

vehicle GRAPHICS

Vinyl Stripe Kits

Partial Wraps

A Partial Wrap is exactly what it says it is.  Instead of wrapping the entire vehicle we only wrap part of it.  That doesn't mean we can't have vinyl graphics installed on the unwrapped areas.  We actually suggest it.  Installing vinyl graphics on the unwrapped areas helps tie the vehicles graphic design together.   The photo of the El Cajon Ford Parts Delivery Vehicle demonstrates how a partial wrap can be used effectively.  The lower portion from the front wheels back is wrapped.  The El Cajon Ford logos and Roush logos are printed spot graphics.  The phone number and other lettering are colored die cut vinyl letters.  

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to invest in a Full Wrap.  You can cut your wrap price nearly in half by doing a Partial Wrap.  White vehicles are great candidates for Partial Wraps in San Diego.   The white paint makes a nice background and can be used with any color combo.  We also offer vinyl lettering, reflective vinyl, chrome vinyl, carbon fiber vinyl and more.

Partial Wrap • El Cajon Ford Parts Delivery Van • 2015 Transit Connect

partial wrap

Printed Wall Wrap (18' x 35')

perforated window vinyl

Windows  •  Banners  •  Wall Graphics

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT350 Racing Stripes

Full Wrap • La Jolla Maids • 2007 PT Cruiser

chevy truck graphics

Most of our vehicle wraps in San Diego are designed to advertise businesses.

Car Dealerships, Contractors, Solar Companies, Waste & Recycling Companies, etc..  Although our customer base is very diverse, one thing ALL of our customers have in common is they want quality.  

There are 3 main ingredients to quality vehicle wraps.

First is Design.  Efficient wrap designs grab your attention.  No matter how great the wrap looks though, it does nothing for you if it doesn't get your message across quickly.  People might not even be looking for your service at the time, but with a good looking wrap, they might jot you down or think of you when the time comes.  Plus in a city the size of San Diego your wrap will be seen by a lot of people.

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