Vehicle Wraps - Vinyl Graphics

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Stripe Vinyl:  3M 1080 Wrapping Vinyl

                       Oracal Cast 751 & 951 Plotter Vinyl


Lifetime: 4 to 6 years (or more on garaged vehicles)

Do's:     1.  Do keep your stripes clean. (wash by hand)

              2. Do wax it a few times a year. (for gloss colors)

Dont's:  1. Do not take your striped vehicle through a carwash.

              2. Do not use buffing wheels or orbitals on your graphics.

Note: Keeping morning dew off of your stripes will dramatically extend the life of your stripes.

The Stripe Process

Vinyl Stripe Kits

vinyl stripe kits

The first step in the stripe process is to determine which type of vinyl graphics you would like on your vehicle.  The next step is to decide on colors and the installation date.

We will need your vehicle anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the requirements for the graphics being installed.  For example vinyl 4x4 graphics will take a few hours to install while a new stripe kit will take about a day.  

We custom design all of our stripe kits.  Anything from Rally Stripes to off-road graphics can make any graphic kit.  We have a wide variety of stripe kits already designed however we can make just about any vinyl stripe kit.